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Hi, I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, and my name is Ian.


I spent my entire adult life pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine.

My plans changed very suddenly, when I injured arm at work. What started out as a simple sprain, turned in to a permanent neurological disability.

As terrifying as my situation was, I had no idea how the events surrounding my new diagnosis would inevitably reshape my life, and who I was as an individual.

Due to the lack of knowledge among providers on how to treat complex neurological conditions, I set out to find answers, searching for a cure.

I pursued several avenues of treatment, searching for a cure for my debilitating condition, which made it difficult to live, and almost impossible to work.

My journey has taken me from the western medical system to the reaches of alternative medicine and the riches of scripture.

Due to the nature of my condition, I had to change careers. It also drew me closer to God. Many people who struggle with faith, and suffer from chronic pain have a lot of questions.

These questions are frequently directed to me, and naturally, I wanted an easy way to answer them all. So, I learned how to use a blog to support a home-based business through affiliate marketing.

The internet being the amazing platform that it is, this allows me to provide the information almost instantaneously, instead of trying to write, publish, and sell books.

I discovered that I enjoy it so much, I became passionate about helping others learn too.

Instead of building multiple websites for multiple topics, I decided it made more sense to combine them into one.

Below, you will find topics ranging from bible studies and prayer, to work from home opportunities and information about medical cannabis.

Regardless of what brought you here, I hope that you find the content to be valuable, and enriching.

Please be sure to visit my Personal Blog on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and how it has changed my life.

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. This means that I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links. Purchasing a product through my site will not increase the overall cost of your purchase.

Please note that I only promote products that I truly believe in. Meaning: products that I currently use, or would consider using myself. I appreciate you taking the time to sign up through my links after reading my reviews.

I want you to feel confident about the products that I promote. I operate on reputation and character. You should NEVER encounter a spam or scam product on any of my sites. All products have been thoroughly researched. I want you to know exactly what’s inside BEFORE you sign up, not after.


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